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Giving back to my community is important.  I believe if you can, you must.  Find out more about the local charities and events I support alongside many of my fellow Sky Realty agents. 

Front Doors – Choosing A Color

Curb appeal is essential. If you are spicing things up or ready for a change this spring, consider changing the color of your front door.  It’s an easy and fun update that can create an exciting new feel to your front entryway.  Not into bold colors? No problem – we have the answer for you below as well.

There are great guides out there to aid in finding the right color for your front door.  A few of Bemjamin Moore front door colors are noted and linked below, and Houzz.com features an awesome article detailing what color to use where, and why.  It’s almost inspiring! See a link to the Houzz.com articles below!


Working on our winter project, we opted for an exciting front door color.  It piques the interest and invites visitors into a fun space.  Paired with the neutral, darker gray tones on the exterior, the front door pops right out and says welcome!

105 Woodland Georgetown TX


I loved this article below and how in depth it gets about color, how to choose and great insights to consider.  It breaks down each color and how to best present it on your front door.  If you are not a bold front door color person, no worries.  Strong neutrals can be just as bold as colorful tones. The Houzz.com article linked here talks about just that.  

How To Fill a Sunken Living Room

See how the team fills this sunken living room with concrete in the video below.  This living space is located just off the kitchen which was opened up to create that desirable open floor plan.  Before,  the living room sank down about 4 inches – a decent step that could do you in if you missed it just right.  The plan has been filled with concrete, and then a self leveling material was used over the concrete.  The room is now ready for flooring finish out!   

First – remember what it looked like BEFORE!

Sunken Living Room Georgetown Flip


Now lets check out a few photos of how it looks completed.  As you can see from the transition from entry space to living floor below, there is no longer a sunken living room!  This seems a daunting task, and it requires machineray and know how.  But it is not impossible, and is more possible than you might guess!  The Anselmi Group knows how it works.  See the video demo below from the project.  

Anselmi Group Sunken Living Room Makeover
















Scrape Popcorn Ceilings!

It REALLY isn’t THAT big of a deal! The hardest part is holding the tools over your head and comiting to the entire project because it is time consuming. Yes, that is the second hardest part – the time it takes. So you can do this!

I suppose the third hardest thing about popcorn ceilings is the mess. Picture it, you are removing hundreds if not thousands of square feet of texture. It crumbles away easily, and it is easily cleaned up if you’ve prepped right. Even so, plan for a SERIOUS cleaning to get the mess up from cracks, corners and crevices.

The shopping list is short: safety glasses, a ladder, trowel, and a spray bottle of water to wet the space as you scrape.

It is important to note that it is only this easy if the ceiling has not been painted with a finish that will not scrape away.  In that case, more research is required.  

Rachelle Demonstrates at The 2016-17 Winter Project: The Georgetown Flip

3 Rules to Follow…

When Finding a Home to Flip in Georgetown TX

Know your plan of action.
 ~ The project should be planned to the very last detail.  By the time financing was secured, a timeline and schedule of events was set, finishes for home were chosen, and the team was in place for demo and finish out.  What about a budget?  That was completed PRIOR to securing financing.

  1. A solid performing neighborhood is a must.  
    ~ A serious knowledge of the immediate and larger neighborhood market is required to pinpoint this type of location, and it is not usually as easy as you might guess.  Finding the property, approaching and working with a seller who is not listed in the MLS can be intimidating and challenging – while also worth it!
  2. No Time for Lazy when flipping a home.
    ~ Whether it is your own home you are improving on a timeline to list in the MLS or a project you are working to sell in the next 6 months, staying on task is essential.  Know your timeline and execute it as planned and you will make money.  Not sure what is next or falling behind schedule costs time.  Especially when carrying the cost of the property, its insurance, taxes, mortgage and utilities, time equals money.  

Want to see the progress of our flip?  Like my Facebook Page to follow our progress or email me at Rachelle@RachelleAnselmi.com to join my monthly  e-mail list!