How To Fill a Sunken Living Room

See how the team fills this sunken living room with concrete in the video below.  This living space is located just off the kitchen which was opened up to create that desirable open floor plan.  Before,  the living room sank down about 4 inches – a decent step that could do you in if you missed it just right.  The plan has been filled with concrete, and then a self leveling material was used over the concrete.  The room is now ready for flooring finish out!   

First – remember what it looked like BEFORE!

Sunken Living Room Georgetown Flip


Now lets check out a few photos of how it looks completed.  As you can see from the transition from entry space to living floor below, there is no longer a sunken living room!  This seems a daunting task, and it requires machineray and know how.  But it is not impossible, and is more possible than you might guess!  The Anselmi Group knows how it works.  See the video demo below from the project.  

Anselmi Group Sunken Living Room Makeover