Scrape Popcorn Ceilings!

It REALLY isn’t THAT big of a deal! The hardest part is holding the tools over your head and comiting to the entire project because it is time consuming. Yes, that is the second hardest part – the time it takes. So you can do this!

I suppose the third hardest thing about popcorn ceilings is the mess. Picture it, you are removing hundreds if not thousands of square feet of texture. It crumbles away easily, and it is easily cleaned up if you’ve prepped right. Even so, plan for a SERIOUS cleaning to get the mess up from cracks, corners and crevices.

The shopping list is short: safety glasses, a ladder, trowel, and a spray bottle of water to wet the space as you scrape.

It is important to note that it is only this easy if the ceiling has not been painted with a finish that will not scrape away.  In that case, more research is required.  

Rachelle Demonstrates at The 2016-17 Winter Project: The Georgetown Flip