Sell Your Home in Georgetown, Round Rock and the Austin area

Putting a sign in the yard and listing your home with the
local listing system doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

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92% of today’s buyers find your home online FIRST – according to the Texas Association of Realtors.

  • How will you be viewed online?
  • Will your home be perceived as cluttered & unappealing OR clean & desirable?
  • Will photos of your home be dark & less than OR bright & standing apart from competition?
  • Will your home’s price seem high OR will your property be presented in a fashion that showcases its every feature creating the impression of more than fair pricing?
  • Will buyers pass you by with a click OR will they stop and take notice for more than the average 3o seconds of viewing?
  • Will you show up in MLS & maybe Zillow OR will your home be launched into the handheld devices of  buyers locally, state wide, & nationally?

I have a plan to get your home the exposure it deserves in today’s digital marketplace. 

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Recently Launched Properties

Get Comfortable Listing your home with Rachelle Anselmi 

I prepare sellers.  I show them how to make a home ready, and how to stage it using pieces of furniture they already own.  I show sellers how to create space so home have a larger and spacious feel.  I show sellers how to neutralize spaces to make them feel generous in size.  I can even make closets look bigger.  I help get curb appeal in check. 

I list properties in the MLS.  Buyers seeking a home meeting your criteria will see your home looking its B E S T if you follow my plan when listing your home. Anyone searching on AustinHomeSearch.com, Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com or other big name websites are going to find your home looking G O O D.

I launch properties digitally.  Buyers active in social media will see your home advertised via my social media platforms, via shared posts among your contacts & mine, and via email(s) sent by you & me.  I create an individualized website page for every property I sell.  This gives your property a home base that can be shared with a link via social media, email, or the Just Listed notes that hit the mailboxes in your community.   

I educate sellers.  Properties are priced after they are prepared.  At our first consultation we look at general values.  As you make your home ready for the market, we watch area sales.  Once you’ve prepared your home for the market, its value will likely be higher than before we began if you’ve followed my make ready & staging advice.  We will study what is happening in your immediate neighborhood, in the area surrounding your home, and the market at large when we determine the final list price for your home.  You’ll know what to expect as we hit the market.  When your home is shown, I’ll seed feedback from those showing agents and share that information with you.  We’ll also get feedback from local agents on the area property tour.  And we’ll study how your home is being viewed online as the listing is on the market.  

I communicate.  I don’t shy away or hide from easy or hard conversations.  I am straight forward and direct in all communication and you’ll know where your home stands in the market.  You won’t be left wondering what’s happening.  No showings – we will talk about it.  Tons of showings and no offers – we will discuss.  Multiple offers – we’ll look at each with many factors in mind to choose the right buyer.  You’ll be comfortable knowing where you and your home stand in the real estate market.